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HIRÞ WOOD (handmade)

365 EUR / In stock.
HIRÞ WOOD - Hand made version of HIRÞ, The Viking Game of Royal Conflict.

Challenge your friends in this ingenious and portable game, uniquely crafted to give you the feeling of Viking era gaming! Free shipping to all countries!

HIRÞ WOOD is a 2-player strategy game that is designed to look, feel and play like a game from the Viking times. This wood-version is made by wood craftsman Charles Hawelka. He is a true artist and a boardgame enthusiast extraordinaire. He designs and produces items with great creativity and insight to boardgames gameplay. In this very limited edition (only 7 copies) he used an old, very beautiful piece of walnut tree that has been waiting for a long time for its purpose. The boxes are cut out whole from this. Along with the boxes, the Karves, the Hirþs and the Lofðungrs too will be in carved solid wood and the board will be in age processed cloth.

HIRÞ is easy to learn but has depth and plays well with both experienced and inexperienced boardgamers. Packed in its wood boxed with the cloth board wrapped around it, HIRÞ WOOD is a very portable game, suitable for any café visit, park picnic or boat travel. It is a perfect filler at game meet ups as well as a great little game to play at home. HIRÞ WOOD is true craftsmanship item in a very limited edition. This makes HIRÞ WOOD a great addition to any game collection, especially to those who value special editions.

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